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HINARI Programme User Training

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This download is a very large .zip file, nearly 100MB. If you have a low-bandwidth Internet connection, the download could take you many hours and could potentially fail if you have unreliable, intermittent Internet connectivity.

If you are unable to download such a large file, feel free to order a free CD.

The downloadable version of this training contains the same files that would be delivered on a CD. The advantage to downloading the training is that you would not have to wait for a CD to be duplicated and shipped to you (this process could take up to four weeks). This training is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, so you may freely reproduce and distribute the downloaded version of the training. Additionally, the downloaded version of the training could easily be burned to CD.

Downloading the training or ordering the training on CD allows you to:

  • Run the training on your computer without needing an Internet connection,
  • Distribute the training on CD to others within your institution,
  • You could ask your Information Communication Technology (ICT) staff to upload the training to your local server so that it can be accessed by multiple users at once over your Local Area Network (LAN).

Important Instructions:

  1. Download the .zip file by using the link, below.
  2. Unzip the file:
    1. On Windows: right-click on the downloaded .zip file and select "Extract All."
      1. If you receive a pop-up about the encryption of the files, check the box to "do this for all current items (if found)" and click "OK."
    2. On Mac: double-click file to unarchive.
  3. You may delete the downloaded .zip file once the files are extracted.
  4. Open the "HINARI_Training" folder and read the ReadMe file.
  5. To launch the training so that it behaves like the website version, you must open the "home.htm" file inside the "HINARI_Training_CD" file.
  6. Future versions of this training will use QuickTime movies instead of Flash; in the meanwhile, if you get a Flash Player security pop-up when you try to play a video, click "OK" to close the pop-up and you will then be able to play the video.

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Click here to download the training now.