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HINARI Programme User Training

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Whenever a significant change has been made to the HINARI or PubMed website design or functionality, we will revise our training materials accordingly.

Whenever we make a change, we encourage you to revisit the training to see what has been revised. The "Last Updated" date at the top-left corner of this site will let you know when we have last made a change. The "Last Updated" dates next to each module in the main training menu will allow you to see which particular module, or modules, have been revised.

We will send an email to members of our email list when revisions to the training have been made. So that you can stay informed of these changes, we encourage you to sign up for this email list.

Whenever a revision has been made to our training, we will update the website, our CDs, and the downloadable version of the training - all of which are available from our home page.

Whenever we revise our training, we encourage you to review the revisions online, order a free revised CD, or download the training again.

If you are a staff member at a subscribing institution and you have linked your website to one of our training videos, you will want to update your link(s) as we will remove old videos and replace them with revised videos which will have different URLs.

Please double-check to confirm that your mailing address is accurate,
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