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HINARI Programme User Training

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20 November 2012

  • Web version:
    • All videos, audio and text transcripts: minor revisions to reflect new HINARI interface and PubMed website changes.
    • Removed optional exercises.
  • Download/CD version:
    • Same as Web version.

17 January 2012

  • Web version:
    • All videos, minor revisions to reflect minor HINARI and PubMed website changes.
    • Audio files for modules 1-4, minor modifications to reflect changes in videos. No audio changes to module 5, "Problems and Solutions."
    • Text transcripts for modules 1-4. No changes to module 5.
    • Deleted one quiz question from each module 1 and module 3.
  • Download/CD version:
    • Same as Web version.

06 September 2011

  • Web version:
    • Improved "Download Training Package" instructions to accomodate for pop-up about encryption of files and related to launching training from downloaded files.
  • Download/CD version:
    • Improved instructions on ReadMe file.

25 July 2011

  • First release of training


This training is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. You may freely reproduce, remix, and/or build upon this training, attributing as the original source, and distribute to others non-commercially under the same Creative Commons license.