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HINARI Programme User Training

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This training consists of 5 modules.  If you are new to HINARI, it is recommended you start with Module 1 and proceed in order; however, feel free to start with whichever module you think will best meet your needs.

Each module contains options to watch a video, listen to an audio file, read text, and/or to quiz yourself on the most important points.

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1. What is HINARI?

20 Nov 2012

2. How to find the full text of an article in HINARI 
(when you already know the article title, author, journal name, publication date, volume, issue, or page number for which you are searching)

20 Nov 2012

3. How to search PubMed through HINARI 
(when you have a research topic in mind and want to search for relevant articles using keywords)

20 Nov 2012

4. Advanced PubMed searching   

20 Nov 2012

5. Resource access problems and solutions

20 Nov 2012

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